Thursday, April 12, 2012

what in the name of god...

Fred Hollows is famous for his work, giving the gift of sight to people in third world communities. His foundation has continued his work long after he passed away.

Catherine Hamlin is our female Fred.

1959 she and her husband first arrived in Addis Ababa, as medical practitioners on a short term contract, but quickly realised there was an enormous problem.

Although it’s culturally acceptable in Ethiopia for girls to be married young, 14 year old female bodies are not ready for childbirth. Older women, too, are suffering from obstetric fistulae.

One of her books, Catherine’s Gift, explains how she and her husband got involved in the problem, what they found, how women are shunned and rejected because of this life-threatening problem, and what they have done and are doing about it.

They were motivated by their Christian beliefs to help, but were not remotely interested in becoming missionaries. The sole qualification for obtaining the help of this remarkable woman’s organisation is need.

Now, the mongrels who control the Australian arm of the charitable trust are telling this 88 year old saint she must screw all of the non-Christians who have supported this work.  

If Christ had stayed put in his grave, he would be turning in it.


  1. I've known about her for a very long time. She has worked tirelessly. This is just so wrong.

  2. There is no excuse for the stupidity of politicians or people in power. Sigh.

  3. Yeah...

    So how can bloggers NOT write rant-posts when things like this happen in the world?

    I love your last line. And I agree with it. know what this is like. That Rachel Perkins musical-movie. "One Night the Moon". If you haven't heard of it (or seen it) a little girl is missing. Her father refuses to let an Aboriginal tracker help find her because he's racist.

    It's really sad when people let their bigotry get in the way of helping themselves or others.

  4. That's a disgrace and it sounds like to me there are hidden agendas and greed at play here to obtain the 14 million dollars in the piggy bank :-).

  5. She is 88 now? wow!!

    this situation is disgusting.Jesus should be fairly spinning in his grave at a lot of goings on I reckon.

    Dina, hello there,long time no see. I'll have to check out this movie,sounds find all the good stuff.