Tuesday, April 23, 2013

retail 101 multiple choice test

Q1.  If I bought stuff online from an overseas source would this be
(a)  unAustralian
(b)  cheaper
(c)   easier
(d)  just to upset Harvey Norman

Answers to Question 1
a) is incorrect. Making purchases online from overseas sources is NOT Un-Australian – everyone is doing it, just ask Harvey.
b) is correct. The high Aussie dollar and the cost of petrol are too high a price to pay for buying locally
c) incorrect. I can’t even work out those Live Mail enquiry thingies that keep popping up, and I can never think of/ remember passwords
d) this is also correct, but is worth six points more than b)

Q2.  If I went into a local retail store, looked around and then left without buying anything, would this be
(a)  cause I have no money to spare
(b)  didn’t see anything I wanted
(c)   knew I could buy it cheaper elsewhere
(d)  because it was “house-wife hours” and there were 340 people queued up at each of the only two check-outs open and I had an important appointment the next morning I didn’t want to be late for

Answers to Question 2
a), b) and d) are all correct.
c) is a trick answer. I only went in there hoping to find a toilet.

Q3.  If I went into a local electrical goods store and a staff member asked if they could help, would I
(a)  keel over in shock
(b)  immediately twit a tweet thingy to tell everyone I know to come on down
(c)   get any real help if I said “Yes please, I need your advice”
(d)  use their advice to decide what to buy on-line

Answers to Question 3
a) is the only correct answer. Give yourself an extra 4 points if you immediately thought of Myer
b) is highly unlikely. We all know a twit is a pregnant fish.

Q4.  If the government imposed a GST on goods bought online from overseas suppliers this would
(a)  make me more likely to shop locally
(b)  not generate any revenue for the government because the two employees left in the public service can only do so much in one day
(c)   make Harvey’s day
(d)  lead to a definitely/ might/ maybe written in stone policy announcement from Tony Abbott

Answers to Question 4
a) is incorrect. See answers to Question 1 re high Aussie dollar and, in light of this high exchange rate, the puzzlingly high cost of petrol. In fact, add to this the cost of parking, and the possibility of having my vehicle “car-parked” – the auto equivalent of tagging.
b), c) and d) all go without saying.

Q5.  If a store wanted to charge me $5 to browse, this would
(a)  be reasonable
(b)  be Julia Gillard’s fault
(c)   be $2 cheaper with a supermarket voucher
(d)  make me more reluctant to shop

Answers to Question 5:
c) is a strong possibility.
a), b) and d) are incorrect. Score an extra 62 points if you chose d) – nothing on earth could possibly make me loathe shopping more than I already do.

Q6.  The thing most likely to influence my purchasing decisions is
(a)  what I want
(b)  after sale service
(c)   whether the little miss behind the counter can tear herself away from her mobile phone some time in the next 10 minutes]
(d)  low price

Answers to Question 6:
None of the above.
a) I have no idea what I want or what I am supposed to do with half the crap I already have.
b) is incorrect as there is no such thing
c) highly improbable
d) next time you are in a car park, take a look around. Count how many makes, models, colours, features and extras each car has. What proportion are the cheapest car on the market?


  1. Pleased we have this consumer business sorted out with some reality.

  2. FruitCake, why aren't YOU the Minister for Australian Business?????

    1. How could I whinge about politicians if I was one. In all truth, whingeing is my mission in life.

      Or as Groucho said, "I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member!"

  3. I think everyone will relate in some way to this questionaire FC..YES I did immediately think of Myers, thank goodness it's not just moi hahaha! and two, we may just be on a par with the loathing of shopping :)

    1. Yes Grace, the few times I've been in there to find something specific I have NEVER even been able to find someone to process my purchase - Just one of the reasons I loathe shopping.

    2. If something's the 'dogs bollocks' it's pretty good FC, very English expression :)

    3. Well, I'm sure dogs think so. Love it, and can't wait for an excuse to use it!

  4. I can relate to shopping in Myer. A fun post and so true. I also loathe shopping.

    1. For such a small sample there almost seems to be a consensus about Myer. This is getting interesting!