Thursday, May 22, 2014

nausea inducing

Call me a bitch, please. Like, as if I would feel bad being bitchy about this creep - such fun!

Brynne has kept custody of the apartment. [shock horror]

Edelsten, last I heard,  was suing some bimbo who conned him out of money after he got together with her through a USian dating site. Now he is filing for bankruptcy in the US.

Doesn't the bald patch on the back of his head look suspiciously like "bed-head"?

The nuns used to warn me that men are only after one thing... In Geoffrey's case, surely that should be two things? He should just buy a couple of implants and keep them on his bedside table; it would have to be cheaper than legal fees for pre-nups, legal fees for website bimbos, divorce settlements etc.

WTF was Edelsten doing at Tom Hafey's funeral anyway? This 'man' would go to the opening of a fridge to get seen. I'd say Grecko would go to the opening of an envelope, but would she even know what an envelope is?

These two - people, I mean, not  implants - are just proof positive that celebrity for celebrity's sake is  a bizarre phenomenon. 

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