Sunday, September 25, 2011

bruno and the blonde

A blonde goes to the hairdressers wearing headphones attached to an MP3 player.

"G'day", sez Bruno, "what can we do for you today?"

"Oh, I'd just like a trim and a blow wave, thanks," sez the blonde.

"Okay, I'll get you to sit here," sez Bruno, "and take your headphones off."

"I can't take my headphones off - I'll die," sez the blonde.

"Well honey I can't cut your hair while you are wearing headphones, so how about you just pop them off for 5 minutes, okay?"

"I told you," sez the blonde, "I can't take them off: If I take them off I'll die!"

By this stage, Bruno is getting annoyed. One of his favourite clients is due to arrive in 15 minutes for a hair colour and the works, and he hasn't got time for any blonde crap, so he just grabs the headphones and whips them off her head before she can stop him.

Within seconds, the blonde is on the floor, dead. He calls an ambulance, and when they eventually arrive the paramedic asks what happened.
"Well," sez Bruno, "she wanted a haircut so I asked her to take the headphones off and she said no she can't cos if she takes them off she'll die and I thought bullshit so I just took them off myself and she died."

Believe it or not, the paramedic has seen this sort of thing before. Sure enough, when he picks up the headphones and listens to what is playing, he hears a voice saying "breathe in, breathe out, breathe in…".


  1. Blond jokes remind me of myself.

    I really was born with the wrong hair color!

  2. That's a funny thing, Dina, cos I was born with blonde hair and I think that was wrong too![Ahem]