Wednesday, March 20, 2013

all i said was...

At work today, someone rather younger had said of someone else “he’s not the messiah, you know”.

My boss, pretty close to my own age, muttered quietly to himself “he’s just a naughty boy…”

Which got me to thinking about how awful it would be to have a law that punished people mercilessly for making an innocent comment that might be taken as offensive.

So it was amusing to hear on the radio, as I headed home, what has happened to the enormously convoluted and downright offensive new anti-discrimination law the federal government had proposed.

The Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the proposed laws have been sent back to his department to be reworked.

Raph Epstein did announce, though, that it’s believed there will be bipartisan support for simpler changes to the existing law to protect gay, lesbian, transsexual and intersex Australians.

[Guess the religious nuts will have to be dealt with later or somewhere more practical.]


  1. But 'Life of Brian,' hopefully, will be added as a clause that states, "Anyone quoting or acting out a line or scene from this movie will be automatically given a high five."

    1. LOL Kath - you mean a sort of "socialise people by rewarding good behaviour rather than punishing bad?"

      Now that would be novel!