Sunday, March 17, 2013

plastic paddies' day

Beware the second day after the Ides of March.

It’s the day people all over the world queue up at Irish themed pubs for green beer – a silly thing to do really, considering it takes four days to properly pour one pint of Guinness and, served the right colour in sufficient quantities it can turn any dedicated drinker green without the artificial colouring.

As I live in a nanny-state where it is illegal to be offensive about someone’s background or heritage, I shall avoid providing any hackneyed Irish jokes, though one might prove the Irish do have a sense of humour by acknowledging that “Large-Lad” is reportedly slang for a penis. Or maybe it's not a joke.


These lasses are practising the curtsy approved for females meeting her Maj the British Queen. Only a hop skip and a jump from a Michael Flatley audition, really. 



  1. St Patrick's day doesn't seem to be observed at all here, except maybe in the only Irish-themed pub further towards town. Is it more of an American thing?

  2. I do remember turning up in school uniform for the march past Daniel Mannix, enthroned on a platform outside the cathedral. The tradition seemed to die roughly the same time he did. Woollen tunic, jumper, blazer and felt hat on a nice sweltering day just before the equinox. Oh joy.

    But yes, I think it's pretty much an American [commercial] thing - increasingly so as the composition of our own population changes.