Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the battle to be

A song that's actually older than me! [just]

Although I'm not quite so old as this song, I heard it all the time when I was young, and the profound lyrics are embedded in my brain. This has not left a lot of brain space for other ideas. In fact, there are many events or situations in life which trigger the "not responsible" synapse.
Perhaps one day I'll write a screenplay for a musical comedy; one in which the protagonist responds to random events by singing banal lines from hits of yesteryears.

When I first heard the dreadful carnage in Norway had been committed by some right wing christian fundamentalist nut, I found myself humming the words to this song. Really, there is not even any reason to change the tagline "I'm so in love with you", because the beastly Breivik claims he was martyring himself for the greater good.

As interesting as anything the Herald-Sun has published in my life time, are snippets about this beast, based largely on his online rantings. If not a musical comedy, what kind of fiction could we build simply by taking pieces of Breivik's story and manipulating the sequence? Could we come up with a plausible beginning, middle and end to explain what happened?

He used to hang out with Pakistani gangs and claims they beat him up eight times. Forget that the guy was a slow learner - what was he doing to make them so cross?
SCRIPT ACT ONE: He did not "approve of the super liberal, matriarchal upbringing" he had, as it completely lacked discipline and only served to "feminise" him.

He identified with the Knights Templar who, during the Crusades, made a lot of money hunting down the infidel [i.e. Muslims]. Accordingly, he asked if he could wear a uniform in court, but couldn't say what uniform that would be.
SCRIPT ACT TWO: Like the Knights Templar, Breivik is a dedicated Christian. His stepfather is a military man.

He wanted to face death knowing he was biologically, mentally and spiritually at ease.
SCRIPT ACT THREE: He defeats his undisciplined and feminised self and reaches his full potential by preparing a budget for his mission, planning to celebrate with some expensive champagne and some "high class model whores".

This is an arty-farty movie script so we leave viewers to decide what he was really trying to prove.



I'm comforted to learn Breivik's online manifesto runs to 1500 pages - much more than my own blog output so far. I can write lots of words, but when I look back over them and delete all the bits that come from songs I've heard there's not much left.
And I don't really worry about my tendency to pontificate, because I know Australians don't take themselves too seriously:

[warning - rude words]

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