Thursday, July 7, 2011

cops, cars, and carnita

I'm not allowed to embed a clip of Tina Arena singing Now I Can Dance, but I am allowed to provide a link.
I am allowed to embed this one, though:

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Last year, when one MP said he found the burqa confronting, Australian Greens spokeswoman on the status of women Sarah Hanson-Young said  "If people want to start banning items of apparel, perhaps we could start with budgie-smugglers?" [i.e. Speedos]

Peter Ryan, the Victorian Government minister in charge of Victoria's cop shops said yesterday he has asked for a report on whether police need any changes to the law regarding ID, but any changes must be balanced with people's right to dress how they choose.

For myself, I don't mind if women want to wear a burqa, and I don't automatically assume it is evidence of oppression. The only two things I object to are people crying wolf [i.e. racist] just because it suits them, and the cavalier way Matthews put the police officer's reputation on the line. Not charitable at all.

What I don't object to so much as fear is the hate and anger of a minority of fundamentalist Muslims.

Some people say that more moderate Muslims in the community should be speaking out and distancing themselves from these hate peddlers, but I don't know if that's the answer. Firstly, they shouldn't have to, and secondly, aren't internecine religious [sorry, racial... or is that ethnic?.. whatever...] schisms the cause of enough bloodshed and oppression already?


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