Wednesday, July 6, 2011

flutter-bys, flowers and fun friends

The best ever Lano and Woodley
[not as rude as what I overhear at the bus stop; funny, not offensive]


The story of the new scanner instructions that were useless [leaving out the whining and the boring bits]:
Once upon a time…
                    … the end.
Last week the daphne bloomed, filling the front garden with its special, wonderful scent.
The camellia has flowered and is dropping petals near the front door.
The almond tree is starting to blossom.
The first smiles of winter have arrived... only 8 more weeks or so and the weather will improve.

This week, gales, lashing rain, getting drenched bringing in some firewood.
All of the blossom has been blown from the almond tree, promising the parrots will have slim pickings this year.

While the wind howls, The Other says 'The house is shaking !'
'Yes,' replies I, knowingly, 'it's designed to do that so it doesn't break apart in high winds.'
'No,' says The Other, 'it's a tremor'.

The evening news confirms the earth moved today [twice apparently].
As usual, I didn't feel a thing.
Found out today RANGA is not just a reference to orang utans, it's actually the acronym for the
Red and Nearly Ginger Association.

Well, I'll be.
Down in the doldrums, when the postie delivers a parcel containing a pressie!
The lovely Tickle has sent us a book.
This is warming, not because it comes all the way from Queensland, but because it is not for any special occasion other than the sight of something has made a thought bubble above her head which sez "Ha ha, must send this to Fruitcake and The Other!"

The book is How to Avoid Huge Ships, and Other Implausibly Titled Books. My award for the best book title inside the book goes to:
People Who Don't Know They're Dead - How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to Do About It.

The best part of the pressie was a handwritten hello, complete with flutter-bys on the notepaper. People just don't send handwritten letters anymore.
So I wrote to say thank you - by email.