Tuesday, December 11, 2012

just sayin’

Wed 28 Nov
Went to Citilink website and sent off an email saying my E-tag does not beep.

Thurs 29th Nov
Citilink reply that a new tag is in the mail.
[And to think I thought I would have to get lost driving around South Melbourne or something to replace it!]

Wed 5 Dec
E-tag arrives.
The swap-over of old for new is delayed due to domestic drama.

Mon 10 Dec
Put old non-beeper in reply paid envelope and put said envelope in post-box.

Tues 11 Dec.
Spend total 60 seconds reading instructions and attaching new tag to windscreen. Head off along Eastlink and new e-tag beeps.

Previous Citilink statement shows I have been charged 26 cents “no-tag” fee for the day my tag did not beep. Beats the crap out of a massive fine for Myki fare evasion aka technological failure.


  1. Don't use citylink or eastlink because its quicker and cheaper to use the back streets while everyone else has come to standstill on these links/carparks.

  2. It was helpful when Fen worked at Citilink.