Thursday, January 10, 2013

feeling disconnected

This Cobb cartoon appeared around the same time as countries, states and cities around the world first started declaring themselves “nuclear free” zones.* 

There was another Cobb cartoon in which some character with zonked out eyes was complaining he’d been watching TV for 24 hours straight and was yet to see one good program.

It’s not TV these days but the ‘net that sometimes leaves me feeling something’s missing in my life. If I’m away from home and don’t have access to the ‘net, every 30 minutes someone says “I’ll have to google that”. Of course, one instantly forgets what is so googlable, because one is unable to instantly google it and therefore commit the googlings to memory.

Maybe we need paper pads with the heading “List of things to Google”.

Another cause these days of the sort of “lost” feeling illustrated so well by Cobb above  is sitting in front of a pc, ‘net ready, and thinking “I wonder what I should search for?” It’s a digital form of writer’s block.

I’m only telling you this because I have an overwhelming urge to do something digital but am uncertain about what. [And you in the corner… yes you, young man… you know who you are… stop sniggering please.]

*such declarations being about as effective as declarations that by the year 2000 no child would be living in poverty, or that we are working to close the gap between whitefella and indigenous Australia. You know the sort of thing... it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy for a very brief moment only, until you realised you've just peed your pants.


  1. I'm actually not much of a Googler - I either go and annoy a real human being or try to work around it.

    But yes, I'm addicted to writing online and reading the often brilliant, touching, hilarious, witty and poignant posts of many bloggers.

    1. I don't know whether it's age or just poor genes, Kath, but conversations chez nous have been getting a bit weird lately. Annoying oneself or real people is more annoying than helpful.

      "We went to that new restaurant in, uhm, you know, that street… oh, you know, it’s got that church on the corner…” says Charlie.
      “Oh yes, I know the street, it’s uhm, oh, the name is something to do with when the Queen was crowned. It’s… well anyway… how was it?”
      “Excellent food... we had the… what do you call that stuff? It grows in big paddocks with lots of water…”
      “I know the stuff you mean. They wear those funny hats, and bend over in the water. So, what’s it’s name?"
      “What, the street or the food?
      “No, the restaurant.
      “Oh, right. It’s aah… what’s the name of that flower, oh gosh, there are millions of… I know, you always give Mary a bunch of them for her birthday…”
      “What, you mean roses?”
      “Yeah, that's it!" Charlie turns and yells out to his wife in the kitchen.
      “Hey, Rose. What’s the name of that new restaurant we ate at last night?"

  2. Errrr! Did I mention thatI ave such a list of things to Google' haha!! And you are so right television with all its channels to chose from is 90% rubbish...

    1. LOL, you already keep Google lists? Hope you don't lose them the way I lose shopping lists!

  3. I had the same feeling about the internet once but got over it by just simply turning off the computer and finding other distractions.

    1. I'm impressed, Windsmoke. I do notice you are a prolific reader, and someone who listens to a lot of music.

      When the cricket is blaring on the tele, or stuff like that, my distraction options usually consist of reading books without being able to think over the cricket, sitting at a pc with headphones on, or housework. Options one and three aren't over appealing.

  4. Never mind google, my best posts are written in my head and promptly forgotten.

    1. It's embarrassing to admit it, Andrew, but there are some days there's little in my head to forget.