Saturday, January 19, 2013

so far… not too sure

Yay! Peninsula link opened this morning. Which way should I go? Our house is more or less an equal distance from Penlink and the old Frankston Fwy. Turning left is easier, so I turned left and headed along the Cranbourne-Frankston road to take the Frankston Fwy.
Surely Penlink would be crowded with drivers keen to lose their Penlink virginity?

At 6.15 am the corner of C-F Road and McMahons road [Moorooduc Hwy] was so deserted it was weird. No queuing required to turn on to the FKN Fwy. No right lane hogging required on the Fwy, as hardly any traffic was coming down the on-ramps. Hardly any traffic on EastLink before the Penlink interchange.

If I heard the ABC announcer correctly, traffic was not in short supply because everyone was on Penlink – au contraire, traffic was in short supply because the north bound lanes did not open til after I had passed the interchange.
Eastlink and then the Eastern Fwy were both quiet. I got to work in 1 hour and 5 mins. Perhaps my watch was eating magic mushrooms? Maybe there won’t be much traffic til after the Australia Day weekend?


I left Thomastown for the return journey at 4.00
The Eastern Fwy was a carpark from Chandler Hwy, right through to the first few sections of Eastlink, where the tolls are.

At some point the signs advising how many minutes to subsequent exits showed it was only 19 minutes to the Frankston Fwy. There was a red line [red being a don’t bother sort of colour] on the sign from Thompsons Rd on. Overhead signs advised there had been an “incident on Penlink” and that we should “expect delays”.

I took the Thompsons Rd exit, giving myself a pat on the back for being in the left lane and able to escape the stalled traffic a few hundred metres further on. Thompsons Rd took me past the worst of it, then led me back on to the FKN Fwy. The lanes heading to Portsea [via Penlink] were strangely uncluttered.
Perhaps I had been eating magic mushrooms myself?

At Kananook Railway Station I took the North Frankston exit [just before Skye Rd]. Traffic has often been banked up from Kananook to the Cranbourne Frankston Rd, and weaving through local traffic is probably no quicker but definitely less frustrating than crawling along a freeway. From Beach Street I saw the traffic jam beginning at Kananook had evaporated and that I could have stayed on the FKN Fwy to the bitter end, after all.

Stuck in Beach Street I plodded along, coming to a messy halt where the roundabout is being re-somethinged. As it was re-somethinged only about a year ago, I hope “they” will find some way to deal with the traffic that builds up waiting to get onto the Cranbourne-Frankston Rd.

Finally got onto the C-F Rd, grateful I was only 3 minutes from home. Well, it would have been only 3 minutes if the traffic had been moving. I suspect a lot of Langwarrin residents were spewing. I sensed some kind of mass disappointment in the air: Penlink was going to change our lives forever. Struggling to move along the C-F Rd was hardly the change anyone was looking for. Maybe the C-F Rd was just incident affected?
I hope that was the reason but, if so, I hope there are not too many incidents ahead.


  1. Just wait until everyone goes back to work at the end of the holidays it'll get worse you can bank on it.

    1. I'm sure it will be "banked up" again in no time.

  2. My brother, who lives just off Cranbourne Frankston Road, near Llyod Park used it yesterday and mentioned the jammed traffic at the interchange. The authorities will probably say things will settle down but I expect a significant and lasting impact on C/F Road.

    Our last visit was Christmas Day and for once I looked up a map in advance. Normally when I reached the traffic bank up on the FKN Freeway, I would turn off at Frankston North and without fail, somehow end up in the Karingal shopping centre car park. This time, in spite of R saying we were heading back to Melbourne, Skye Road and McClelland Drive got us there without fuss. The sat nav directions were useless. Carmen spent most of the time recalculating the route as I ignored her advice. Now I know that way, I may not ever have to use it again. Now which way when on Penlink should I turn when I reach the F/C Road? Google Maps not updated yet but the electric Melways shows the road under construction. Left it would be then.

    1. Skye Rd and McClelland Drive was a good solution - pity it would now be the long way round for you. The roundabout at the corner of Skye and Mc is my preferred way of turning around if there is a problem escaping Karingal Centro at C-F road - the Karingal area is an impossible maze to navigate.

      I expect the interchange corner will become a permanent living hell, and shall probably avoid it unless heading east or further south than Mornington.

  3. Ahhhh the beauty of being retired, we don't have to put up with peak hour traffic.

    1. Oh dear, and by the time I retire the back roads to all those interesting places you and TOH go will suddenly be clogged. They'll be clogged with all the people my age who are currently clogging city roads and dreaming of wide open spaces.

  4. I don't know any of those roads FC but I do know that there is a bit of 're-somthingining' going on at my on ramp to the freeway and I'm just not happy..

    1. Grace, you are perfectly right to be unhappy. I think we should start up a petition and send it to the Minister for Somthingining! "Road Works" is almost an oxymoron.