Monday, September 9, 2013

is that rain or did someone just pee on my leg?

I don't know what I was hoping might eventuate on Saturday night, because no matter what happened I wasn't going to be happy.


New England MP-elect, Barnaby Joyce, says he's proud to call Gina Rinehart his friend.
He says Australia needs more entrepreneurs like her.
"Gina is a great friend and I'm a good mate of Gina's and she's got an Australian company which employs Australian people which pays tax in this nation and I'm so proud," he said.

Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart, says non-violent prisoners should be allowed to pay their way out of jail.

She said Australia would benefit because it needs "more workers and taxpayers", especially in the face of increasing health costs due to an ageing population.

Yes, open the doors. A get out of jail free card for every embezzler.
Now Gina can get Roy Hill up and running with her 457 visa workers, single handedly saving the country again with another mining boom. 

There is much to be positive about... there is always music...


  1. Tiny lights of hope with Katter losing votes and Mirabella on a knife edge.

    1. Andrew, I don't think Sophie's mission in life has ever been to win friends. Hope is a good word.

  2. Is there a Mrs Joyce? Gina is Australia's most eligible root.
    Good sex would give her a heart attack, and her exhausted hubby would happily split it evenly with those litigious kids.

    I am furious that the insanity of preferential votes means 9000 donkey votes gets Clive The Wacker a senate seat, but 25,000 primary votes don't get the same for any of the WikiLeaks Party candidates. Which would you want?
    I voted below the line. Only 3% did, because it is really hard to do correctly (I planned, and checked, and double checked). It took a long time, and they have not even been counted yet. the scrutineers put them in the Too Hard basket as well. I despair.

    1. MS, the above the line rubbish infuriates me too. One analyst said Pauline Pantsdown only needed 2% to get a senate seat because of all the preference horsetrading. On the other hand, the paper was so wide it must have put some off who would ordinarily vote below the line.

      Bring on a double dissolution, I say!

      I used one of those websites that allowed me to place senate candidates in order, and print them out with numbers next to them, but even then it took me 1/4 of an hour to complete the paper.

      Don't despair. As you probably know, the Age headline today mentioned the possibility of a hostile senate... adding "And last night, a boat arrived."

  3. Rain on our parade.. Haha! Super video, love Duffy, I'd vote for her :)) I'm still too traumatised to think about The events of Saturday :)

    1. Grace, I'm seriously thinking of doing a TAFE course in embezzling. Just have to steal enough money to pay for one.

      Duffy is unreal, non?