Wednesday, September 11, 2013

warning, warning; danger will robinson


  1. sign suggestion supported by a very solid looking dog-retaining fence too.
    funny thing, I am so old that I recall when the mere inclusion of that f word, on page 247 in a completely justifiable literary context of a novel which had to be purchased at some difficulty before the eyes were assailed by the horror, sent the entire AUS and UK hoi polloi into a spasm. Only 50 years later, there it is in a Business Plan - lets print signs that say FUCK and stock them at Bunnings/Walmart/Tesco whatevs. If 1981 seems recent to anybody, the Melbourne CIB seized copies of a record by TheDead Kennedys title TooDrunkToFuck, from the one shop which stocked it, lest it destroy our culture ... oh wait they may have been correct. I do apologise.

    1. Okay, I'm trying to cast my mind back 50 years... long before Arthur Rylah seized pictures of David in all his glory.

      My grandmother, god bless her, let me read anything in her house. Encountering something others would find shocking never shocked me but perhaps this was because I had no idea what it meant.

      I'm sure DH Lawrence's novels were heavily censored, but not actually prohibited. At some stage, I believe, something was censored and the curious queued up to buy Hansard to read the offensive passage. Whatever it was, I certainly would not remember the page number. Well Done.

  2. Inappropriate sign in public, but it is funny.

  3. That's usually the case, cats can be pesky little suckers :)))))