Saturday, September 14, 2013

non, je ne pense rien

My world has come crashing down. The only thing I have left to complain about now the election is over is that I have nothing left to complain about. What can I say?

So here I sit with a lot of time on my mind but nothing actually in it.
Well, there was an interesting observation that Sophie Mirabella pulled off the unimaginable and lost a liberal seat when the entire country had swung wildly to the right. That's in my mind, but someone else put it there.

Some years ago I commented to a friend that it was probably stupid of me to sign up for a novel writing class when I had never had an idea for a novel. "Or a novel idea, for that matter," she replied.

Good friends say things like that.

Here I am, then, reduced to offering up midly amusing visuals.

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