Thursday, September 27, 2012


Took me a while but I finally get it.

Myki must be run by Senna Link.


  1. Both R and I have no problem with Myki other than very occasionally the readers are a bit slow. Well, there was once when at Flinders Street, it wouldn't let me past the barrier, but that was because I ran for a train and did not touch on. I add, I had already used the card and no one lost money.

    1. For the 9 millionth time I went round in a loop trying to report my earnings to Senna Link today.

      It is no longer permissible to go into an office and report to a human - all reports must be either by phone or on line.
      This time I was ready and armed with TO's gross income plus my own and the "system" asked me how many hours TO had worked. She has never been asked that herself, and it wasn't required a fortnight ago. The question was never on the paper form. The rules keep changing.

      I think I just made the link as a joke because no matter how many times one asks a question, the answer keeps changing. If you think you have worked out the answer, they change the questions.

      TO did go and buy me a card a few weeks ago when we were at Flinders St. I hope I have cause to use it before the money is frozen for inactivity. While she was buying it someone was screaming at an "assistant" because she had only just
      -bought a card
      -put money on it
      -the assistant had shown her how to read and confirm the balance
      -she went to catch a train and suddenly the balance was zero
      -the assistant said she would have to lodge a complaint i.e. it would take a few weeks for her to get an answer in writing.
      All she wanted to do was buy a ticket and catch a train, had already wasted an hour, and had no cash left.

      It MIGHT work when I go to use it, but I am not overly confident. And I'm still terrified of having a run-in with inspectors who are overly zealous if for some reason their portable reader does not show what it should. Some of them can be a bit heavy handed from what I have seen.
      A paper record or ticket would be more re-assuring. Natch I was given a thermal receipt for the payment TO made, but which will naturally fade, and which also proves nothing about if/how the money has been used or whether the journey was validated.

      Similarly I have been to Senna Link many times in the last few months and although I have a receipt number for each contact, their record for two occasions does not show the substance of what really happened. One has no way of confirming the record will be correct, nor of proving what really happened if the record is wrong. The receipt number only proves there was contact.

      The staff have been overwhelmingly helpful and patient for the most part, but on the two occasions in question the women I spoke to were absolute cows from the moment I said hello.

      It seems the majority of people using either system encounter no problems, but when something does go wrong it is invariably a drama.

      Delays in touching on or off would be no big deal because one could simply allow extra time.

      I still have questions about Myki which are definitely not answered on the web-site, but have given up even trying to get answers.

  2. Amen to everything you said dear Fruitcake.
    The ning-nongs in uniforms at the costly MYKI spaceship on SoCross station, have to be THE DUMBEST people with paid employment I swear to god.
    At Sennalink (where I have worked), when you have Had It, the Safe Word is
    "may I please speak with Your Supervisor". They HAVE TO get them. Good luck.

    1. Ann, the second senna link person who stuffed up my record did actually call a supervisor twice. Eventually she told me I had leave now so she could "serve" someone else. I had to do the pelvic floor thing to make sure I could not be separated from the chair. I told her I had patiently waited my turn on this and other occasions, and that I keep getting mixed messages. I did not threaten to not leave, just ignored her suggestion that I should.
      She was a total half-hitch.

      I assume that like most gov employees she was supposed to handle a quota of queries per hour. Stuff that. I once worked at the tax office and handled an average of 5 queries a week while some other tosser wrote on his return that he had done 100 plus. My supervisors were not unhappy with my output, because they knew I would doggedly track down answers until I actually gave people answers worth having. She should take a leaf out of my book. Or find out what she is supposed to know so she can serve more people per hour.

      She found herself turning to a supervisor for a third time. The supervisor corrected her for a third time. Did I mention she was a Yarra Punt?
      I do not need to lodge one of those pointless job search diaries, I just need to have quarterly contact meetings. She would not take the blank diary back. I should have known.

      When I tried to report my earnings a few days later a recorded automated voice said my report would not be accepted as I had failed to attend a quarterly meeting to review my job search diary.

      She had given me a contact receipt number but deliberately put misinformation on my record which did not match what the supervisor had told her.
      I reckon she done it cos she is drunk on power. Well tough for her, it only took me 80 minutes to sort it out by phone. No doubt she will be downsized soon. What goes around...

    2. TO advises me that during the fracas at Flinders Street, when the stranded Myki "customer" was screaming about missing her train etc., TO had gone back to the ticket window to get her "free" seniors Myki card, and one for aunty as well.

      Ticket seller handed over two forms, and said once these were filled out the rest was easy.
      "Righto," said TO. "We'll fill these out and be right back."
      "No," said the ticket seller, "once you fill out the form you have to go to So Cross to get the actual card.
      "But how can I get to So Cross without a card?"
      "Don't know," said the ticket seller.

      PS Ann, Spencer St Station is now officially known hereabouts as "So Cross!".

  3. Oh I thought this was to be the shortest blog post on record but I'm wise to your cunning plan!!!! At least I was when I got to the comments!!!

    1. Am I that transparent?

      Or are you just as quick as I always thought you might be?

    2. Both those options are equally scary ...

    3. You've got me. I'll need to sleep on this one if I'm to think of some witty or even passably interesting response.

      Alternatively, I could let you have the last word, but that would simply not be cricket now would it?