Tuesday, September 18, 2012

une vacance sur la plage

TO has been tutoring a workmate who is studying nursing by ‘distance education’. When asked how much she wants, TO gave the usual reply of “Produce? Do you have a veggie garden? A lemon tree?”

A & S have a holiday house at Sorrento they kindly offered for a few days as payment. It’s a very old holiday house, with some very old 1930’s vintage family furniture. 

The beds and linen are top notch though, and S very kindly removed one of the top bunks from the 2nd bedroom so Aunty could get in and out of bed.
The house also has lots of good stuff in it including dishwasher, free wi fi, good cutlery and crockery, microwave and LED TVs complete with pay TV, games, and 3D blue-ray or whatever it is.
Like most younger generation type people, S just assumed we could follow the menus on the TV. Yeah, right.

Just as well we like reading.

For the price and the location, despite some hiccups, this house is a bargain to hire.

The dogs LURVE the massive block the house is on. Ooh, the smells! Naturally it took a nano-second for Maude to locate half a sausage someone had thrown under a shrub. Sausages being what they are – whatever they are – I don’t blame them for tossing it under a shrub.

Once inside D’Arcy was further chuffed to learn this house has a whole heap of new places where he could put a tennis ball, so that TO would join in the game by writhing on the floor trying to retrieve the ball with a broom handle.

Then the doggies settled down on the couch in their doggy sleeping bags – rather warm and comfy they thought. [Free with a bag of Hills Science Diet is the part that appealed to me.]

I’ve bought a spiffy new camera for about 80 bucks, and thought I’d catch a shot of two dogs looking comfy. The camera has a special symbol that appears if the camera is moving. This is overkill. After a million tries at taking a non-blurry photo and concluding the symbol just states the obvious I asked TO take a shot at taking a shot which is at least viewable, though by this time the dogs had decided to spoil the composition by moving around.

Yesterday arve we went to the Atheneum, a theatre so old it was originally built as an entertainment hall. This being Sorrento, the interior has been tastefully converted to a cinema without destroying too many of the original features in the building. 
and if we all lived together”, is a great French movie about old fossils deciding to live together.

At the end of the movie Aunty had her usual battle to climb out of the theatre seat. Continuing one theme of the movie, TO said in her booming stage voice “You need some Viagra to get up, old girl?” Quick as a flash Aunty replied “Can’t you see my knee is already too stiff?”

While we were out we heard that Muslim extremists had taken over a Hungry Jacks store in Sydney. Apparently the burqa’s are better at Hungry Jacks.

The two old aged pensioners piked early while I connected to the wi fi to look at blogs and comments. After about ten minutes the signal disappeared. When I started to get cold a short while later I realised a fuse must have blown and the heaters were off. Gave up and went to bed.

Hmmm, a new smart meter, which I assume was the reason the internet signal had dropped out. This morning TO took a while to work out how to get the meter going again. Naturally the hot water service is electric.

Australia has the longest rabbit proof and dog proof fences in the world, but sure enough after their brekky and bathroom routine, D & M managed to make their way to the other side of the gate, where they waited patiently for TO to rescue them.

The dogs had a wonderful time this morning on one of the dog-off-leash spots along the beach, D’Arcy falling off a rock and discovering he could swim.

Now we’re off to an op-shop to look for book bargains.


  1. What a great form of payment! The place looks great for a vacation. That's funny about it already being too stiff.

    1. Hi Rubye. Never having holidayed at a holiday house let alone this very holiday mecca end of the peninsula, I'm finding it a rather interesting experience. Except for the modern stuff, I feel like I've been transported back to another era. I can just imagine kids and sand everywhere.

      Aunty has a good sense of humour for an 83 year old and for someone who is every inch a lady, don't you think?

  2. What fun. Even though it is not far away, it is a change of scenery. I expect there are now a few alarmed rabbits in shrubbery.

    1. For some reason I keep hitting the wrong button when I want to publish a reply. Apologies for my delay in responding ... so here goes with take 3:

      Andrew, a change really is as good as a holiday.

      Not a lot of evidence of rabbits here... but maybe because doggies have been spending a lot of time at beaches investigating rock pools.

      Maude loves chasing rabbits in many of the Frankston parks. She actually caught one once and was so shocked her jaw dropped...

  3. The backyard is big enough for you and TO to sun bake in when the weather warms up. Aunty is certainly on the ball.

    1. Winsmoke, it is either too hot or too cold for me to sunbake, though TO likes to cook. Meanwhile, Aunty stays covered up in the shade to keep the skin cancers under control. Well, she tries.

  4. I hope you enjoy your time there!

    1. "Having a wonderful time... wish you were here".

  5. A great way to be paid. Sounds like a lot of fun for young and old alike. Isn't it annoying these days when even turning on a TV you need a degree in IT.

    1. It's been wonderful! A few years ago we had to buy a new TV, and were frustrated that one can no longer simply take something in and plug it in.
      It's been pretty much downhill from there.
      But... it has been lovely here.

  6. Isn't there an organisation somewhere that organises trades and payment in goods and services?? I suspect the carbon tax will generate much higher interest in such 'cash economy' type arrangements!!

    1. I tried to swap services for some plumbing earlier this year, and got nowhere. If only I had something to offer.

      Seriously, yes, I have heard of such a scheme but only from one person who was miserably disappointed. I think the 'little red hen' rule undermined the experience. That was quite a few years ago.

  7. Replies
    1. There once was a plumber from Leigh
      who was plumbing a girl by the sea
      said the girl "Stop your plumbing! There's somebody coming..."
      Said the plumber [still plumbing] "It's me!"

      When you say "there's the rub" is that a sly reference to me being knocked back by a plumber, or the little red hen bizzo?

      You are subtle, Red, I'll grant you that.