Wednesday, October 17, 2012


More reports in the Age the other day of the enquiry into the Catholic Church’s paedophile policies in Victoria, this time some rubbish about the Salesian Brothers.

Nothing I can add that hasn’t been said perfectly by Tandberg in his cartoon accompanying said article about the Salesians:

Shamelessly lifted from the Age article mentioned above



I first saw this guy

Tim Minchin

on this show

Spicks and Specks was an hilarious quiz show about popular music, fronted by three very funny people, with panels of guest singers and comedians.

As a guest on Spicks and Specks, Tim always struck me as very witty and, as he says things I tend to agree with he struck me as rather intelligent. But I never realised he is a singer/song writer until cruising YouTube recently.

Tim Minchin is a modern Tom Lehrer type only more prolific, satirical, and clever. He also exudes a level of unapologetic anger I sometimes feel about issues but would never dream of showing. I don't think he is against religion per se, simply the way some use it as an excuse for bad behaviour.

If you don’t mind the language, here are two of his “pieces”… The Pope Song, and I Love Jesus… followed by a relatively apolitical, friendly tribute to Adam Hills, presenter of Spicks and Specks.


  1. I too started to notice him from when he appeared on Spicks and Specks. He is very talented and I watched quite a long concert on tv with him as the sole performer, but I found his swearing a bit much. Some swearing can be very effective in comedy, but I think he overdoes it.

  2. Perhaps the swearing is part of the anger - in either case, sometimes less is more.

  3. Love the Tandberg cartoon FC. So succinct haha! Spicks and Specks was such a clever show, Adam Hill the perfect host.