Monday, October 8, 2012

the malady lingers on

Last night I had a nightmare: I woke up with the words "Billy Don't Be A Hero" going around and around in my head. It was me that was singing in my head too, which made it flat and rather tuneless as well as banal.

There's nothing except a hundred other things worse than struggling to replace an unenjoyable tune with a more likeable one in one's head.

As therapy, I'm going to start with this old sketch from way back when The Naked Vicar was a radio show:

Other people have done this sort of thing before. My favourite was from The King and I:

Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my ****** erect
And whistle a happy tune
So no one will suspect
I'm a ******

The result of this deception
Is very strange to tell
For when I ******
The people I fear
I ****** myself as well


  1. This is funny.
    I was just wondering about why Obama didn't stand up so well to Romney in the debate and when I came to your blog I thought, this is the sort of thing you'd have an understanding of. Probably being in Australia you didn't watch the debate, but did you maybe?

    1. Hi Rubye, to be honest I didn't watch the debate. For the most part I saw headlines saying Obama didn't do too well, and thought "oh dear".

      But of course, lack of real information would never stop me from having an opinion, and my "can't help myself" long winded response is about to appear at a computer near you.

  2. Good laugh. I wonder if it was where the idea for Blankety Blanks came from.

    1. :)
      Cannot hear anything by Tom Jones now without laughing.

    2. Finally followed up on your idea, Andrew. Wikipedia tells me blankety blanks was based on a USian show called Match Game. Let's face it, even the name Blankety blanks is more amusing. Can't imagine the show working without gra gra, noeline et al.

      But yes, I suspect something like this provided the initial spark.