Monday, February 25, 2013

for grace

When somebody sent me the photos below, I thought of Grace.

Grace, of Perth Daily Photo fame takes stunning photos of, well… Perth. And while Western Australia’s capital city makes for a good subject, her photos make the town look extra special.

There are three more things we know about Grace:
  • elle aimes toutes choses francaise, surtout les patisseries, and
  • she has a lovely sense of humour, and
  • lately she has noticed the weather in Perth has been warm.


  1. Yowsa no kidding it has been warm! Love the photos tho!

  2. Don't think I will stop complaining about the heat just because Grace may have mentioned in passing that it is a bit warm in Perth.
    Today's Melbourne conversation:
    'Nice drop'.
    'Not cold though mate'.

    PS The cat and the air-conditioner is most unlikely.

  3. Hahaha! You know it's been HOT downunder when even the squirrels can't take it ...

    1. Aahhh... it's not a squirrel though, is it? It's a cunningly disguised cane toad...

  4. hahaha no doubt about the heatwave then

  5. Now where did you get that photo of me FC ....pic number four haha! Oh and did I mention that's been bl...y hot today :) :)

  6. It sure has been hot over there. We have cool but rain that never stops.