Thursday, November 21, 2013


Former Magistrate Simon Cooper, who has admitted committing crimes against two young boys in the 1980s, has been given a suspended sentence.

"…In sentencing, Judge Stephen Norrish said Cooper's safety in prison posed <insurmountable difficulties>".

no respect for the law shown or deserved

Totally, totally the opposite of the appropriate sentence. Do "they" think we don't think this pig had/has any idea about the special treatment dished out to prosecutors and magistrates who are jailed?

His abuse of power and the absence of ignorance as any sort of excuse [as if it ought to be an excuse] make him less deserving of special treatment, not more.

It's time somebody reviewed Bench Books and re-wrote the rules about what should be taken into consideration when sentences are handed down.

The mere mention of homosexuality draws great outrage from the self-righteous; paedophiles? a ho-hum so-what, here we go again, stop being so bloody politically correct response.

A young Aboriginal child does time [under WA's 3 strike rule] for stealing biscuits, but this prick gets off lightly? Puhleeze.


  1. I agree with Hetty Johnson, it smells smells very bad!

  2. Someone of a contrast to the 17 year prison sentence given to the bloke who worked at Yoralla and interfered with three women over an extended period.

    1. Andrew, I wonder if there's something rather weird about the way we determine the value of the victims, as much as the way we rate the crims.
      Without wishing to disrespect the memory of Jill Meagher, why the disproportionate lack of outrage for similar victims of assault?

  3. Committed by a magistrate FFS it is a much worse crime and he should get 20 years in with Julian Knight. So very many 'people of calibre' are being arrested for crime against children that ... oh I don't know - I mean if JUDGE Stephen Norrish is no use I can only hope I am on the jury when the fathers of the boys beat the living daylights out of Cooper.
    Wait, Norrish has form: -

    Australian police liars walk free - Strange Justice - Blogger‎
    May 23, 2011 - Fletcher and Brookes received suspended sentences of 18 months each from Judge Stephen Norrish last year.‎
    If you know anyone who is being judged by Judge Stephen Norrish refer them to this web page. I suggest they refuse to be judged by him. They deserve better.

    Child rapist gaoled for 17 years -‎
    Trevor Ross Ryan, of Dubbo, was sentenced by Wagga Wagga District Court Judge Stephen Norrish yesterday (Thursday) for the sexual assault of the girl.
    and one that won't copy is Norrish giving a Lawyer only 15 months for 2 charges of sex with an under 16.
    Norrish is a stinker.

    1. Ann, I sense you are as frustrated as you are outraged by this sort of crap. I've read so much recently about everything from blatant corruption to moral bankruptcy [in parlt as much as in courts] that my brain is warning me to switch off before the feelings of impotence cause my hard drive to crash again.

      And haven't we all been screwed by the legal system, at least once, and know of others who have also been screwed?

      It's difficult to have much respect for any of the laws they conspire to make, exploit and tweak.

      As for birth and death certs and the whole hatch match and despatch BS... My latest battle with sennalink relates to an upgraded requirement that aunty - who has been receiving an aged pension for years - must have 170 points of ID [100 is no longer enough]. Natch at 84 she only has an expired passport. A Wedding certificate signed by a celebrant [i.e. a catholic priest in 1949] is NOT acceptable evidence for tracing a change of name... blah, blah, blah. Rule that other name changes pre 1986 by deed poll but not otherwise registered with HM&D [yes, there was one] also complicate matters.

      Back to my assertion I do not engage in the politics of envy, but some equity would be nice: The easiest and most numerous ID options suggest catching a boat from Indonesia is the only way to be treated as a "real" person.

      Can't wait til sennalink services become part of Australia Post's standard services - previous bunch of local PO agents were illiterate, rude, incompetent morons.

      vaffancul very much, everyone after Gough.

  4. everything you just said "Hear Hear!".
    and this morning in other breakfast news (why do I torture myself?) -
    'A former Melbourne magistrate who indecently assaulted two teenagers will not be added to the sex offenders' register because it is unknown whether they were children at the time.'
    a technicality. You could bet your ranch on ME getting seriously punished by Melb Maj if I tracked him down and castrated him (despite the fact that out Muslim Mamas doing the Kitchen Klitorisedectomies on their own daughters don't get punished. oh I despair.

    re fkn sennalink: stop dealing with them directly and get your Franger Fedrl Member involved. good luck

    1. MStacks - I suppose I should be grateful TO watches crap TV in the am while I sleep--- breakfast radio might be too much like self mutilation.

      as for sennalink [wot's left of it] - my card expires 30 nov. If I don't get to save $150 on my next batch of meds mr billson might well have me on his [office assistant's] case.

  5. Replies
    1. Did I nod off while wading through labor's proposed make it an offence to offend someone bill, because I don't remember this kind of offence rating a mention

  6. I guess this opens up a whole new set of citations for those wishing to avoid jail time - based on this case, all you have to do is demonstrate how difficult it would be for you to stay safe in prison! That shouldn't be too hard, should it??

    1. Now now, Red, our prisons are first class. It's the inmates that ruin them.