Thursday, November 14, 2013

marshall engine

fuel for paddle steamers
[prob doesn't include the fence posts]

fuel for houseboats

slipway built 1906
[not sure about boat currently occupying space]

junction of campaspe and murray rivers

remember these?

next: the Echuca show!!!


  1. The steam engine is brilliant. Yep, remember those plastic things to trace around, though not the rivers that don't go anywhere.

    1. The names Loddon and Campaspe remain burnt forever into my brain. I guess one of the others might be the Ovens but have no idea what the fourth might be. Or is it the goulburn?
      The greatest tragedy of the internet age is finding forests in amongst all the trees modern maps provide.

      [If I remember correctly, there was no Tassie on the Australia template. Or maybe I just blocked it out?]

    2. I think Tassie was extraneous bit that was easily snapped off to make a child's life less complicated.