Tuesday, November 12, 2013

what we did on our holiday

After TO spent some time visiting relos at Albury, Jindera and Corowa, she made her way to Echuca to meet up with me for the first little holiday she has had in yonks.

 [JJ's TAFE semester has almost finished, and she was free to stay home for a few days and look after Aunty.]

I luuurve Echuca, and it was great to see that restoration of the paddle steamer dock precinct continues apace – even if construction of a modern history centre is well underway.

In between lots of snoozes and well-needed naps, TO and I set off for a cruise and lunch on the PS EMMYLOU.

Without access to the 'net [and with a dose of couldn't be bothereds] I just took a few snaps, wondered what was what or why, but didn't investigate anything closely.

what's the story behind the star of david window?

"art-free" laneway that looks inviting

I think that I shall never see
a picture lovely as a peppercorn tree

flood levels
given what we have done to the Murray Darling Basin
some recent marks are incredibly high

Yep. Despite decades of trying,
I still struggle to get the top part in the picture.

Next - what we had for lunch, and other stuff


  1. It was a few years ago when we visited Echuca but I could not believe the river levels they used to get. Actually it was mid drought when we were there. Funnily, I saw the thong tree on someone else's blog just a few days ago. I wish we had gone on a paddle steamer river cruise and had an expensive lunch instead of hiring a house boat.

  2. Replies
    1. A refreshing change from the usual graffiti, Dina. [Was it started by a local footware store?]