Wednesday, November 13, 2013

munch on the murray

The weather was perfect.

Too much frivolity at the next table for me to hear a word of the commentary, but other diners were there to enjoy themselves, so fair 'nough.

Dining out is so often a disappointment, but the Emmylou's reputation for quality food is well-deserved].

TO always has the flathead tails.
Minus the batter and the 5 million chips, a good sized meal

steak I can have anytime, and chicken only if it can't be avoided
although I never eat pizza crust it was thin and crunchy
topping was char-grilled roast veges - yum
snow pea salad
chips? like padding in a 1,000 word essay on a topic that leaves one cold

pannecotta [however it's spelled]
fresh strawzbries and thick, fresh cream

banana and chocolate cheesecake [real cheese]
ditto cream and strawzbries

No cheap and nasty beans used for the coffee

An extra ten points for allowing us to pay only for what we chose from a menu – nothing grates more than pre-paid a la carte meal prices that require me to subsidise alcohol for guzzlers.

Unusually efficient and friendly service – absolutely nothing was too much trouble for Lara. She scored a once-in-a-decade tip from me [very unOrstraylyan but certainly warranted in this case].


  1. It's a nice feeling when you give a tip to someone who really deserves it. The prices look pretty reasonable too.

    1. Andrew, I whine so often about service that I could not have not given Lara a tip. The service and the tip both left a nice feeling.
      Add $34 ea for the boat trip, but still a fair price for something we don't do every day.

  2. Bargain!!! But isn't it actually unAustralian to GIVE tips??

    1. Yes. If sennalink find out they'll probably demand yet another 4 million points of ID.