Sunday, August 19, 2012

life in the fast lane at frankston

photo shamelessly lifted from The Age

Four cheers for Hazel Gillbee 84, Clarice Artis 97, Trudy Bullivant 90, and Nancye Ayres 89 who set a world record for their 4 x 50 metre relay swim in the “360” group – 360 being their combined age.

Not a bad achievement considering they train at Frankston’s Jubilee Park Aquatic Centre. If the Melbourne City Baths rate a 10, the Frankston pool rates a 2 for sheer crappiness, and a minus 3 for appalling service.

I did see the lovely Clarice doing laps on one of my three visits, and that was at 6-30 am on a Sunday morning.

When Aunty moved to Franger recently, I showed her where the pool is. I told her why I went three times and then gave up on the place when I first moved to Franger in 2004.
Aunty has a more positive and forgiving personality than I do, and she gave up on the pool after one shot.

A decent aquatic centre has been on the Council agenda since Adam was a pup, but state and federal funding policies always come to nothing.

These ladies truly are champion stayers.



  1. That's fantastic!! We hear so much about Olympians overcoming the odds, but not so much about the crappy facilities they had to get started with!!

    I hope I'll be able to participate in a 360 one day, but that means everyone else will have to be well over 100 at present, so I guess I'll have to wait!

    1. No matter how long it takes, Red, I'm sure the same pool will be waiting for you.

      Seriously though, aren't they something?

  2. That's awesome. Very inspiring. I love hearing about strong and active elderly people.

    Sorry your local pool is awful.

  3. It just goes to show your never to old.

    1. Yes, Windsmoke, and they didn't all do the same stroke!