Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the sapphires

When Australian films are shite, they are really shite.
When they are good, they are really, really good.

This is a great one!

Great soul music; humour; and a brilliantly scripted drama.


  1. Thanks for that. I must go and see it. I had seen it advertised on TV but didn't realise it was in the movies yet. My daughter went through university with Debra Mailman. Did you see her in the Mabo story? She was great.

    1. I remember reading that your son in law is an actor but didn't register that your daughter is as well. Now, I don't know her name, or the name of the character she played in Mabo, but I would love to know because it's the sort of thing I would love to see. Or are you just talking about Debra Mailman?

      Don’t know how I missed Mabo! [must be my tv phobia]
      I’ve checked YouTube [naughty people often upload entire series or movies] – no luck. Also checked which has heaps of stuff sometimes from the abc… including a 53 minute doco on the pichi richi railway, btw… but no luck so might have to buy a copy. Thanks for telling me about it!

      Allowing for my having missed Mabo, I must say in The Sapphires Debra Mailman has been given a very strong character to play and it’s nice to see her act so well instead of just being typecast as… well… an aboriginal.

  2. I'm eager to see this one.

    Waiting for it to come here.....

    Glad to know you liked it.

    1. The best aussie movie I've seen in a long time